Investing in UK property has never been easier

Why climb the property ladder the hard way?

… just sit back and earn a fixed income every year for three years paid every six months.

Our Corporate Social Bond is a pioneering new scheme which allows everyone in the world to participate in UK property investments and benefit society at the same time. The MBU Social Bond provides a high-yield fixed income return as well as profit participation and a further portion of profits going towards a charity of choice every year.

We’re offering investors across the globe a chance to put their money into UK real estate projects promoting wider social and community benefits with a triple bottom line return on their money.

The MBU Social Bond is not a conventional Corporate Bond or a Mini Bond, this Social Bond is uniquely structured and offered on a new kind of crowd funding platform, ReGive Global, surpassing new boundaries of online fund raising to reach a mass worldwide audience.

With a pipeline of real-estate projects worth over £300m focused around affordable homes, town centre regeneration schemes, care-homes and student accommodation, we’re determined to make a big social impact whilst committing a further 5% of profits to charitable causes.

The MBU team are passionate about giving back to society. We’re using our decades of investment banking, real-estate private-equity and advisory expertise combined with ethical and socially responsible codes of conduct to back projects which offer excellent profit potential and deliver a wider social benefit.

There’s no minimum or maximum; a Social Bond holder can put in as little as £1 or more than £100m! Now everyone can get involved.

Apply online now; go to

STEP 1: Create an account on the ReGive crowdfunding platform.

STEP 2: Put funds into your ReGive account using a variety of payment methods (card / bank-transfer).

STEP 3: Transfer funds from your ReGive account to the MBU Social Bond Ask.

STEP 4: You will receive a Legally binding Social Bond Contract (protected by real-estate assets) via email once your subscription has been accepted.