Step 1

Complete the Application for Subscription to our Social Bond on the
crowdfunding site by clicking on

  • Create an account on the ReGive platform
  • Load funds into your ReGive account online using a range of payment methods
  • Apply the funds from your ReGive account to the MBU Social Bond

Step 2

As soon as you successfully complete your social bond application, we will send you a separate legally binding agreement
(enforceable anywhere in the world) that makes your social bond fully protected by MBU’s real estate assets.

Protected Social Bond Structure

MBU Social Bond - Series R Protected against UK Property


So, why we have structured our Social Bond as an honour based pledge which is then converted into a legally binding contract?

The simple reason is because we wanted to provide the “global” audience with the opportunity to participate in UK real estate.

Most analogous financial instruments, such as mini bonds, retail bonds and corporate bonds, etc are very restrictive in terms of the regions that they can be marketed within and therefore limit geographies that can participate. To overcome these issues and other such obstacles, we structured our Social Bond as an old fashioned honour based, gratuitous (“my word is my bond”) promise made by us to our Social Bond holders. This promise is then automatically reinforced and protected with a properly executed legally binding document called a *“Deed Poll”, which we issue electronically to our Social Bond holder as soon they complete their Social Bond subscription.

What is a “Deed Poll”? *

A Deed Poll legally binds the person or legal entity that signs it (in this case, MBU Capital Limited) to a particular course of action as detailed in the Deed Poll document itself (in this case, our promises and undertaking detailed in the Social Bond and on our Ask** page). The Deed Poll is enforceable anywhere in the world and gives our Social Bond holders a right of recourse against our (MBU Capital Limited’s) assets, thus protecting our Social Bond holders in very much the same way as a conventional bond agreement would. In fact, most mini bonds, retail bonds and corporate bonds generally do not offer any better ‘legal’ security than our Social Bond, which has a specific clause to ensure that we fully oblige with all financial, non-financial and social obligations.

Moreover, most conventional bonds have a high barrier to entry for participants. Our Social Bond has no minimum or maximum application amount and its open to everyone (individuals, non-profits and companies) from anywhere in the world (subject to applicable law).

Thus, by following this (pledge + deed poll) approach, we are no longer restricted in terms of where we are able to market our product and who is able to participate (which they can at whatever level they can afford). We believe that the Social Bond is, therefore, a much better structure overall for our Social Bond holders.

What is an “Ask”? **

A: it’s a request for something by someone – in this case, a request made by us to the global crowd to participate in our protected, global Social Bond programme.

What is a “Give”?

A: a direct response by someone to an ‘Ask’ (see above) – in this case, when you apply for our protected, global Social Bond.
Please seek professional advice if you do not fully understand the information contained within this website.

Please be aware that as with all similar financial transactions, your capital may be at risk.